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Terms and Conditions for Accommodation

1. Introductory Provisions

1. These General Terms and Conditions define mutual rights and obligations arising in connection with or on the basis of an accommodation contract concluded between the Landlady and the Tenant (hereinafter the Tenant) via the internet.

2. The Landlady Vladimíra Macková, residing at Komenského 124, business ID: 01283821 is the owner of immovable property i.e. land plot No. 77/2 which includes the building No. No. 46 in the cadastral territory of Velké Petrovice listed in the property title No. 411 for the town of Velké Petrovice and cadastral territory of Velké Petrovice filed with the Land Registry Office for Hradec Králové Region, Cadastral Office in Náchod, (hereinafter designated as "Cottage"), which the landlady is authorized to provide for temporary accommodation.

2. Offer Contents

1. The offer of accommodation includes the whole Cottage stated in the Article 1, which consists of: on the ground floor an entrance hall, sitting room with kitchen and dining area, bathroom, WC, utility room. Upstairs, there are three bedrooms - two with double beds and one with four beds, WC. Equipment/ furnishing of the Cottage: kitchen - stove, oven, fume hood, built-in refrigerator, dishwasher, microwave, sitting room - dining area with a corner bench, corner sofa, TV, fireplace, wifi, bathroom – bathtub, shower, sink, WC, with the maximum number of Tenants 8 - 10.
Outdoor Equipment - sitting on the porch, pergola with grill, playground, sand pit, fireplace, parking place.

2. Presentation of the Cottage on the website is for an illustrative purpose only and does not document the actual condition.

3. The accommodation also includes a possibility of parking max. 4 passenger vehicles in a designated part of the plot.

3. Reservations, Booking Deposit, Contract Withdrawal/ Termination

1. Those interested in the accommodation are required to make a reservation i.e. to fill in the electronic form on the website and send it to the Landlady.

2. The Landlady accepts bookings and concludes an accommodation contract (the "Contract") only with persons who have reached the age of 18 years at least.

3. If the Landlady accepts the reservation, she sends the applicant (the Tenant) a booking confirmation.

4. If the applicant does not receive the booking confirmation from the Landlady within 7 days from sending/ making the reservation, the reservation is considered as unaccepted.

5. The Landlady has the right to refuse reservation or to cancel the confirmed reservation until a contract is concluded at any time without giving any reason.

6. A Contract for Accommodation between the Landlady and the Tenant arises and is thus concluded upon booking confirmation in accordance with the point 3 of this Article.

7. The Tenant is entitled to withdraw from the Contract within fourteen days from its conclusion. If not done so within this term then an advance payment shall be paid based on the Landlady’s invoice related to the sent reservation and the booking confirmation made by the Landlady. The advance payment shall be deemed paid upon crediting it to the Landlady’s account. The Landlady will inform the Tenant of receiving the advanced payment and reservation confirmation by telephone or E-mail.
For a withdrawal from the Accommodation Contract the Landlady provides the Tenant a sample advice regarding the possibility of Contract withdrawal and a sample of the withdrawal form, within the meaning of Government Regulations 363/2013 Coll., which you can find on these pages under the title …..

8. The Tenant shall pay the remaining part of the price for accommodation to the Landlady’s account at least 14 days prior to the start of accommodation in the Cottage according to the booking confirmation.
In the event the due date of the advance payment or the balance payment are not met the Landlady has the right to withdraw from the reservation or the Contract and refuse boarding to use the Cottage.

9. The Contract may be changed only in writing. The other party is not obliged to accept a proposal to amend the Contract. If the Landlady confirms the proposal to change the Contract or confirmed bookings made by the Tenant then the Landlady may require a lump sum compensation of costs for the change in the amount specified in the accommodation price list.

10. The Accommodate Person shall not allow the accommodation for the use of any person who is not mentioned in the Contract if the Landlady did not agree otherwise through a Contract change.

11. The Applicant (Tenant) provides his/ her personal information and regarding the persons who will use the Cottage as follows: name, surname, date of birth, telephone number, e-mail, voluntarily. The Landlady is entitled to use the personal data of people who will use the Cottage for the purpose of implementation of the process of accommodation, as well as in other communications, including communications to the competent state authorities to report the accommodation. The Applicant further agrees that the Landlady may use the personal data for marketing purposes.

12. The Landlady has the right to immediately terminate the Contract if the personal data of the Applicant (Tenants) are incomplete, or specified inaccurately. The Applicant/ Tenant is not entitled to reimbursement.

4. The Price for Accommodation and Services, Cancellation Fee

1. The price for accommodation and services is included in the price list which is an integral part of these terms and conditions. The maturity period for the price payment is stated in the Article 3 Reservations.

2. Cancellation fee in case of Contract termination on the part of the Applicant/ Tenant is agreed as follows (apart from a lawful cancellation in terms of Art. 3 point 7):
(i) 30 days or more prior to start date 25% from the contract price for accommodation,
(ii) 29-14 days prior to start date 50% from the contract price for accommodation,
(iii) 13- 7 days prior to start date 75% from the contract price for accommodation,
(iv) 6 days or less before the arrival 100% of the contract price for accommodation

3. The Landlady is entitled to use the received booking deposit and the price balance payment against a claim for compensation of Contract cancellation.

5. Extra Deposit (Surety)

1. The Tenant is obliged, 14 days prior to the start of accommodation, to pay extra deposit to the account of the Landlady in the amount of CZK3000,-.
The Landlady will return this deposit in the full amount, if there is no damage to the Cottage (including indoor and outdoor facilities), not later than three days after the end of accommodation by a bank transfer to the Tenant’s account, which shall be provided to the Landlady for this purpose.

2. In case of damage to the property or should there be another reason for drawing the extra deposit referred to in these general conditions, the Landlady is entitled to this extra deposit to the extent that corresponds to damages or costs for services that were not paid. If the damage exceeds the amount of the extra deposit, the Tenant shall pay the damages in the full amount on the spot before departure.

6. The Rights and Obligations of the Tenant

1. The Tenant undertakes to use the Cottage in a manner preventing damage. The Tenant is obliged to carry out cleaning and routine maintenance of the Cottage and driveways.

2. The Tenant shall be entitled to use the Cottage along with the persons mentioned in the booking.

3. The Tenant undertakes to hand over the Landlady or a person authorized by her the Cottage in a state in which it had been taken over - tidy, cleaned and ready for immediate further use. Final cleaning is not included and must be carried out. If the final cleaning is not performed or was, in the opinion of the Landlady, executed poorly, the Landlady has the right to a reasonable deduction from the extra deposit in the amount of CZK 2 000,-.

4. The Cottage shall be handed over to the Landlady always tidy in a condition fit for proper use. The Landlady shall be notified of any faults, defects, complaints or damage to any equipment and the Cottage without delay in order to take adequate measures in advance of the arrival of new clients.

5. In the Cottage, there is not allowed to light candles or otherwise manipulate with an open fire (except for the fireplace heating in compliance with all safety rules).

6. The Tenant is obliged to maintain order and cleanliness in all areas and surroundings (cleaning supplies are part of the premises intended for rent) and to hand over the Cottage in the same condition in which it had been taken over. If not done so, the Landlady has the right to a reasonable deduction from the extra deposit.

7. The Tenant is fully responsible for the behavior of persons that the Tenant will share the Cottage with and that would come and visit the Tenant, and if these third parties cause any damage, the Tenant is responsible for the damage as it were caused by the Tenant. To remedy the damages the Landlady can draw the extra deposit.

8. The Tenant is obliged to ensure avoiding any damage to the Cottage and shall prevent their occurrence. In the event of damage or threat thereof the Tenant shall immediately notify the Landlady or a person authorized by the Landlady and also the Tenant shall immediately do everything possible that the extent of the damage is minimized or possibly the damage never occurs. In the event that this would be a damage which has not occurred or was not caused as a result of the activities of the Tenant, then the Tenant is entitled to reimbursement of the expenditure actually incurred with averting such related damages.

9. In order to avoid damages the Tenant in particular:

(a) shall treat the Cottage and its surroundings considerately and walk in the Cottage exclusively in the domestic footwear;
(b) is required to burn only wood – there is prohibited to burn household waste;
(c) shall put ashes from the firebox exclusively in a metal barrel with a lid - the barrel should be always covered and the ashes should not be left smoldering;
(d) shall not accumulate waste in the Cottage, but regularly take it away to the bins provided for this purpose;
(e) shall not make changes in the Cottage, move the furniture and other equipment of the Cottage or take them out of Cottage;
(f) shall not use own appliances in the Cottage without the prior consent of the Landlady;
(g) shall not carry a firearm and ammunition in the Cottage or otherwise keep them there in a condition allowing their immediate use; shall not hold, produce or keep narcotic or psychotropic substances or poisons in the Cottage, unless they are the drugs, whose use have been prescribed by the Tenant’s doctor;
(h) shall adhere to the strict ban on smoking in the Cottage;
(i) shall observe the heating mode of the fireplace heating, i.e. for total accumulation of the heating use the heating max. 2-4hrs (in winter) further heating after about 8-17hrs according to the internal temperature;

10. If the Tenant causes damage to such an extent that the Cottage would be decommissioned, i.e. put out of operation, then the Tenant is obligated to pay beyond repair costs also lost profit for the period during which the Cottage is out of operation. Loss of profit is calculated as the sum of days, for which the Cottage would be out of service multiplied by the amount of CZK3000,-.

11. Pets are not allowed.

12. The Tenant shall not further provide Cottage to be used by another person except for those that are listed in the Contract.

13. The Tenant is required when taking over the Cottage to get familiar with the location of the main water closure, electricity switches and fire extinguisher.

14. The Cottage is used by the Tenants at their own risk. The Landlady is not responsible or liable for any injury, damage or destruction of property (liability for damage caused to health or property of a third party), for theft of luggage during accommodation as well as for damage (premature termination of the stay) caused by natural phenomena (frost, snow, ice, water, wind and etc.) or disasters and damages associated with these events,.

15. The Landlady recommends the Tenant to arrange sufficient insurance coverage for this purpose.

7. Rights and Obligations of the Landlady

1. The Landlady shall hand over the subject of accommodation to the Tenant duly and in a timely manner. Bedding is included in the accommodation.

2. The Landlady or a person authorized by the Landlady is entitled to enter the Cottage for the purpose of its inspection and control of the state.

3. The Landlady is not responsible for things brought in by the Tenant or persons who are in the Cottage along with the Tenant.

8. Immediate Termination

1. The Landlady is entitled to terminate the contract with an immediate effect, or not to allow boarding the Cottage, especially if:

(a) the Cottage is boarded either by the number of people exceeding the total capacity of the Cottage, which amounts to 8-10 persons, or a higher number of people than had been reported;
(b) there is increased the number of people during the accommodation period without the consent of the Landlady;
(c) there is a violation of the ban on smoking or use of open fire;
(d) the Tenant does not report defects, faults or damage to the equipment of the Cottage without delay;
(e) the Tenant or persons staying with him board the Cottage under the influence of alcohol or other narcotic or psychotropic substances.
(f) there is breached the condition “pets not allowed”.

8. Final Provisions

1. The Landlady excludes any liability in the event of changes or in case of failure of providing the services booked due to the Force Majeure events. In these cases, the advance payment is not refunded to the Tenant.

2. The Tenant - the consumer has the right to judicial resolution of consumer disputes. The competent authority for out-of-court settlement of consumer disputes is the Czech Trade Inspection,